Regatta Replay: Head of the Nicomekl

nicomekl regatta crew

It was a beautiful, sunny day as 15 Maple Bay Masters headed to the Nicomekl River Regatta to race.  Two waves of racing shells would be making their way down the course.  Our three women’s quads were in wave one while our double and single would race in wave two.

The regatta race meeting was held at 9:30am.  We heard about the conditions:  ebb tide and SE wind.  A recipe for lurking currents and a swift race.  We also heard the only rule:  give way to the faster boat. And, finally, the MANY hazards on this course, not the least of which was the train bridge in the no passing zone.

The trip up the course was uneventful – downright pleasant.  The crews noted the hazards and plotted their courses.  The trip down was, well, much more than exciting!

Our #20 quad marked the first crash of the race, pushed by the mad current into the anchored sailboats. A quick recovery, and they were quickly gaining on our #19 quad.  On the way to the deadly bridge, two opposing boats hit navigation buoys with one boat breaking all four riggers right off the boat.  Then we were in the no passing zone and found our #16 boat up against the pilings. #19 and #20 passed by and out the other side of the bridge along with some other boats that were behind.  #16 was able to release itself from the pilings at that point and row out on the other side.  Just before the turn at the sand bar, #20 rowed VERY close to pilings to make room for #19 who were being overtaken by Vic City on their other side.  Being ahead, #20 rowed their course with a clash of oars with #19 bow oars.  Another recovery and a dash for the finish.

Wave two wasn’t without excitement.  As the double approached the bridge, the train rumbled overhead and the officials yelled “You’re not on course!  You’re not on course!” and our bowman assured his stroke that all was okay. The trailing boat overtook our double under the bridge and came out ahead on the other side.  Neck and neck under the bridge. Brilliant move.

Our single enjoyed a consistent race, start to finish.

All in all some great racing all around and a fun regatta.  Six brand new rowers were initiated to racing.  “It was pinball wizard!”  “I had no idea this was a contact sport….” “The most fun you can have in less than 30 minutes!”

Looking forward to Head of the Gorge Regatta!

Off to Nicomekl!

A hardy group of Masters rowers is headed to Surrey to race on the Nicomekl River.  The Head of the Nicomekl is a long, technical course with lots of curves and a bridge to navigate under.  Three quads, one double and a single are headed


Our annual Maple Bay Rowing Club Annual General Meeting will be held at the club on Friday, November 17 at 7pm.  Have a voice in your club!

Come early.  Enjoy a refreshment.  And vote in your new Board of Directors.

Friday, Nov. 17



GOLD at the World Masters

Ruth Rutledge has earned a gold medal in her heat of the women’s double rowing in a composite boat.  Ruth was rowing with Diana Morris from Gorge Rowing Club. Judy Baker came third and second in two of her singles heats.  She races in her age class tomorrow.  Looks like things are going well in Bled, Slovenia for Maple Bay!

Masters Rowing at World Championships

Wishing good racing to Ric Tull, Judy Baker and Ruth Rutledge who are off to Bled, Slovenia to race at the World Masters Rowing Championships.  All three athletes will race in singles events. Ric and Ruth will pair up for the mixed doubles event and join two rowers from the Gorge rowing club in a quad race.  Our three masters will also be racing with a rower they met at the World Masters Games in Italy.  Racing begins Wednesday.  Follow our crews here and think fast thoughts!

Masters Summer Wind Up Potluck

It’s been a great summer.  Let’s wind it up right!

Potluck brunch after the Sunday row, September 10.  There will be coffee.  Bring something to share.

Adult Learn-to-Row


We will be offering a six session Learn-to-Row for adults beginning September 6.  Lessons begin at 5:30.

Registration instructions are here.

The cost is $150.00

Dylan is off to Henley

Dylan off to Henley

All the best to MBRC’s Dylan Annandale, top junior rower of the year, who is off to the 135th Royal Canadian Henley Regatta.  Dylan joined Maple Bay through the Queen of Angels program – his mom forced him to! As it turns out, Dylan loves rowing so much because it’s a unique sport that has pushed him to do better in every aspect of his life. He knew it was the right sport for him when he was excited to wake up early to go rowing!  Overall, Dylan believes that rowing has brought out the best in him and he’s excited to see where it takes him.

Dylan is racing in the U19 single event.  There are 77 entries – 11 heats of 7 boats.  The regatta as a whole has 2800 entries. It’s a truly world class event.

Everyone at Maple Bay Rowing Club is behind you, Dylan.  Race hard and strong.

Rowing with a Guest on a Gorgeous Day


At Maple Bay Rowing Club, we welcome guests who are registered at their own clubs. Today, Georg joined us from Germany. It was a spectacular morning, aside from a few Sunday morning boat wakes, all fourteen of us enjoyed the weather, water and scenery. Paddy’s, Octopus, Fish Farm, Salt Spring, Arbutus and home. Thanks for joining us, Georg!

Did you know that MBRC has a guest policy? If you are in our area, row regularly with your home club, and want to join us send us an email. We love to host guests, hear their stories, and begin new international rowing friendships.