Only experienced Masters rowers may register at

Click on “Join A Program

Choose “British Columbia” for the Province and “Maple Bay Rowing Club” for the Organization

Now Choose the Program you are interested in.  At this time, there is only one program to choose from:  “Return To Rowing #2

Log in with your RCA Number 

This will take you to the Waiver Pages where you will be required to Accept two waivers and also accept the stated conditions of program enrollment.

You will now be registered with RCA/RBC/MBRC and will be asked  to click on “Pay Online”

DO NOT PAY ONLINE – PAY VIA E-TRANSFER in a separate email!!!  

At this point, you can exit the Rowing Canada Registration page as you have now applied for registration.

In order to pay your fees via e-transfer, you will need to add Maple Bay Rowing Club as one of your payees (they will be a “New Recipient”).

The email address you will send your money to is:

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE make sure you  type in the pertinent information in the Comments Box of your e-transfer.  We need to know your name, and what fees you are paying (i.e. return to rowing #2 Fees)

All questions should be directed to Judy Baker.