Annual Registration with MBRC

Registration for rowing members is now done ALL ONLINE:

  1. Register with Rowing Canada Aviron
  2. Pay online.

Note that your registration will only be complete and valid once you have paid.  

If you are unable to pay online, please contact us at

Registration for Non Rowing Members

Membership is renewed annually before April 1.  Cheques or cash may be paid to the registrar.

Registering with Rowing Canada Aviron

Go to


Choose “Join a Program”

Find Maple Bay Rowing Club using the two drop down menus.  Join the program that best fits your needs.

Accept the Terms of Agreement.  This is a longer form than previous years.

Update your contact information, PAY YOUR DUES ONLINE and log out.

Non Rowing Membership          $40

Family Non Rowing Membership   $20

      • Club social events with a fun, active community.

Masters                             $ 700

    • Use of club equipment at Maple Bay and Quamichan Lake.
    • Coaching.
    • Winter training.
    • Membership in Rowing Canada Aviron and Rowing British Columbia.
    • Organized racing crews (travel and regatta fees are not included in the membership fee).
    • Storage of private boats at Quamichan Lake for an additional monthly fee.
    • A voice at quarterly Masters meetings.
    • Voting privileges at the AGM and the an opportunity to run for a position on the Board of Directors.
    • Club social events with a fun, active community.

The Rowing Season is April 1 – March 31 each year and the fee is $700 due on or before April 1.

  • If someone joins on or after June 30, the fee is $650.
  • If someone joins on or after August 31, the fee is $550
  • If someone joins on or after October 30, the fee is $350
  • If someone joins on or after December 31, the fee is $200
  • There are no refunds at any time for fees already paid.

Adult Learn to Row        $275

    • Use of club equipment at Maple Bay on scheduled lesson days.
    • Coaching.
    • Reduced membership rate in your first year, if you continue to row.
    • Rowing Canada and Row BC membership.

Adult Intermediate (continue after Learn to Row)  $300 additional


Competitive     $1100 (includes regatta fees)

Novice               $1000


Sources for financial Assistance ‐ Junior Rowers

If you are seeking outside funding, proof of application for financial assistance is required to maintain rowing privileges.

Athletics for Kids

Members must be in good standing, online registration completed and activated, in order to row and race.
Registration will be activated when full payment is received.
Complete registration includes:  registration on RCA Web Registration System and full payment.