You can learn to row under the guidance of an experienced rower and coach.  Over the course of the sessions, new rowers row big boats and small boats, preparing to join our growing community.

Learn to Row is finished for 2021.

Email us to be put on the “interested” list for 2022.

Getting Ready for Your First Session

Bring water.

What to wear….

  • layers
  • warm socks
  • shoes you can wade into the water with (crocs work well)
  • toque or ball cap – depending on the weather
  • fleece is good
  • layers
  • wool is good
  • layers
  • tight fitting clothing so it doesn’t get caught in the equipment – tights are good
  • layers

What not to wear…..

  • cotton is not great – you will get wet, either by sweat or by splashes, and then you’ll be cold
  • loose clothing
  • anything with pockets (hoodies are a no)
  • anything with a zipper or buttons on the front