As an outdoor sport, rowing requires special attention to the clothing you wear. A few things to consider:

1. Socks: Nice wooly socks are a must. There are shoes inside the boats – often very large shoes, sometimes damp.
2. Stretchy, tight clothing with no zippers: Thumbs get caught in loose clothes, pockets and zippers. In rowing, Spandex is your friend.
3. Visibility: We row on the ocean with boat traffic and float planes sharing the space. Neon hats and tops are a must!
4. Layers: You might be cool when you start, but that doesn’t last long. Be prepared to strip off some layers.
5. Hats: The brim of your ball cap is your best friend for reducing glare and keeping some sun off your face.
6. Pogies: On cold winter days, pogies keep your hands warm. Row West sells them, or make your own!

Racing Gear

Maple Bay’s uniforms are available from Row West. Anyone who is racing needs to purchase a racing top at the minimum.

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