Adults can row almost any time that fits their schedule.  It’s a great workout and a nice group of people.

Our members come from a range of backgrounds.  While some have had high-level, elite rowing experience, there are more members who learned to row right here – as adults.  The diversity of our group is what makes it special.  There is a lot of knowledge and skill to support our new rowers.

You’ll find adult rowers all over the world rowing into their 80’s.  It’s never too late to become a rower!

SCHEDULE (as of March 15, 2024)

Tuesday 5:30pm  Coached row (Andrew)
Wednesday 5:30pm Coached row (Nicole)
Thursday 5:30pm Safety Boat
Friday 7:30am Coached row (Andrew)
Sunday 8:45am Safety Boat

Monday 7:00pm Coached row (Andrew)
Wednesday 7:30am Coached row (Andrew)
Thursday 7:30am Coached row (Andrew)
7 days a week, any time, with a buddy in another boat

Upcoming Events